floandcrew-1Growing up in the beautiful city of Innsbruck, I was addicted to powdersnow from a young age on. Going to school every day with my snowboard gear, we would skip many hours to be up on the mountain early. Everything changed though on the day I did my first ever freeride competition. Winning the the riders award at the Verbier Xtreme contest in the year 2000, I jumped right into the spotlight of the worldwide freeriding scene and my life has ever since been evolving around my beloved sport.

floandcrew-2I became a pro rider that year and have been able to follow my passion by going to the most incredible locations of this planet to ride the steepest mountains with cameras running, by matching the best riders of the world on the Freeride World Tour and by spending more time in powder snow that I ever dreamed of as a child.

floandcrew-3After finishing vice worldchamp in 2011 and top three another few times I started to realize that I also have a lot of fun sharing my love and passion for the mountains with others. I became a certified snowboarding guide and in 2013 the dream of my own freeride center finally became reality.

floandcrew-4Our team has more backcountry experience than others gather in a whole lifetime and we happily share our knowledge and passion with you for a great time on the mountain!

floandcrew-5For my latest adventures on the Freeride World Tour and around the globe check out my homepage and blog here: